10 Oct

My daughter has been attending Abingdon dance school for over 8 years. Throughout this time she has learnt various styles of dancing from street: rock and roll: ballroom : freestyle fast and slow. Every year my daughter has been part of the annual showcase where all the dancers come together to perform on stage at Radley College.

Whilst at Abingdon Dance my daughter has also had the opportunity to compete at many friendly and IDTA regional dance competitions where she has been very successful and gone onto compete at National Championships (in Blackpool and Stoke on Trent) for street, freestyle and rock and roll, where she has worked hard to reach many finals and semi finals at this top level.

A very friendly dance school where all the teachers encourage, teach and support the students at all levels.

My daughter loves dancing and Abingdon Dance has given her the passion and zest to work hard and enjoy dancing of so many styles.

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