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We now have our very own professional photographer, David Fisher, who hosts specialised photography sessions for MPDA students only.

David is the founder, director and first photographer at Fisher Studios. He was born in Australia and emigrated to the UK in his early 20s. Originally headed for Scotland, (his father’s homeland), he settled for the dreaming spires of Oxford due to its proximity to London and other distractions en route! David lives with his wife Anneka, and 5-year-old daughter, Dana.

David commenced his studies in photography at James Cook University in North Queensland in 1990, the year Adobe Photoshop 1.0 was released. As such, David was fortunate to have experienced both the final decade of the analog era and the inception of digital.

His photographic style is influenced by the early 20th Century photographer Ansel Adams who conceived the idea of visualization and had a strong belief in the importance of subject empathy. Like Adams’, David’s work was shot extensively on a plate camera in the early days of his business when he was photographing cinemas and theatre productions using this very contemplative process.

Despite the dramatic changes to the photography industry of the past two decades, David’s business has thrived and continues to grow.  This has been in part due to the way he embraced digital from the outset, but also due to his willingness to adapt to a changing market, all the while remaining mindful of the fundamentals of photography that he learned from shooting on film, when every frame mattered.  Whether photographing a person, building, or product, David believes that there is something new, challenging and inspiring to be found and relishes the opportunity to create images for his clients that exceed their expectations – always with service to match.

On Saturday 13th of July 2019 we arranged for the students to participate in a professional photoshoot with David at his studio. This was a huge success as you can see from some of the photos below:-

A small selection of David’s studio work

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